Thursday, May 4, 2017

6/6 Uni's Life!

Finally the mood is right and here comes my last post of uni's life! It's my sixth and also the last semester in NTU. (hope the number makes sense now!) It's quite sad to learn that I might not have the chance to blog about uni life again in the future. I wonder what will I blog about in the future? Anyway, let's do a wrap-up for this final semester!

1. Farewell Jia Ning!  

happy exchange!

If we should do something worth writing, this must be the 'something'. :) Before entering university, I always feel that exchange seems so impossible. Hmm, it is not that unlikely after all. Previously I saw Hiu Yee off at airport before she went for exchange and now it's Jia Ning turn. If I were to name something I regret in uni life, it would definitely be not being able to go for an exchange. Yeah, not, being, able. Previously (year 1 summer), I applied for summer school at South Korea. I was so well-prepared and even started learning Korean on my own, coincidentally, MERS hit the country, so everything was called off. But on the bright side, I found my significant other and also got to spend more time with family back in Malaysia. I always believe that for everything we have missed, we have gained something else. Perhaps this is what God has planned for me! :)

2. Pilates and Hatha Yoga elective class

Jeradine, Apple, Toby & Christopher.

Xing Hui

As I dared myself to try something different for the last semester, swimming class was on my list! 🏊 But sadly it was not offered for this semester. While I was wondering what other electives to take, I realized Jeradine was planning to take Pilates. So I decided to try my luck and opt for this course as well. (I did not know NIE offered such course!) Lucky me, manage to survive during the so-called STAR wars (course registration) and squeeze into this 30-student class. No surprise, this becomes the most interesting class in my uni life!! Definitely benefited from this class even though I am not very flexible and I have super weak core strength. 😂😅😭Feel really satisfied because I have learned more about meditation, which I think is the most beneficial part of this course. I would highly recommend juniors to take up this course and experience it! 

3. Boracay  ðŸ 

Visited Boracay, an island located at the central of Philippines, during the recess week! It is the best island I have visited to so far! It is also one of the top 10 islands in the world which I am falling in love with. Tried out all sort of water sports activities. Parasailing, sunset sailing, helmet diving, island hopping, ATV, Zipline, spa & massage. Thank you for pampering me this birthday! You will and always hold a special place in my heart. I'm twenty-twoooo 

4. Grooming - make up lessons

Attended a few NBS professional grooming sessions and equipped myself with some make up knowledge. I truly pay respect to ladies who are willing to wake up two (or even three) hours earlier just to groom themselves. I was lucky enough to know a make up artist who spreads a lot of positive vibes. Through volunteering to be her model twice, I picked up some make up and skin care knowledge too!

 Skin care boomerang.
my apologies, I think it the play button doesn't work :/

Mannequin challenge


anyway, point is, knowing different people is so much fun!

followed by some random photos during the semester :)

Viv, Jess, Ming En, Yi Lin.

finally managed to find a mutual time and met up with them after Ming En came back from exchange!

my fav bunch of people again!

omg I think I have brought so many different people visiting this fish head noodle located at Buona Vista. Next will be my family. Can I kindly request for some commission? lol 

谢谢陪我庆生!! 希望你接下来的面试成功!! 


lucky enough to play badminton at The Wave before I graduate!

NBS 的战友

Shu Shan, Yitong, Yimei, Li Ting


team photo with our 萌萌哒 Korean prof! We shall never forget our Old Chang Kee market entry proposal. #currypuffgirl.

So what have I learned in NBS? 
FRSssss? Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Corporate Governance? or Fair Value through Profit/Loss? These are the last things I want to say. When I get older, I will probably only remember the days I used to study at benches, mugged at library and room. Those nervous presentation days. Endless project meetings at free access lab. And of course, I do not regret majoring in Accountancy. Although it is not what I am really interested in, I picked it for a reason and own it with pride.

Other than NBS?
I love Pilates, Korean and French lessons!

Hall life in NTU?
Whenever I crave for supper, 7-eleven is my first choice because it is super near to my hall. Then I will look for Robbie 🐈 on my way to 7-eleven. Sometimes he follows me, sometimes he doesn't. But most of the time he just stare at me, waiting for food I guess. meow. And of course, I miss the days when I stayed with my first roomie. The happiest thing is going out (even it is just Jurong Point) because staying in NTU can be quite boring sometimes (before the opening of north spine plaza). The days steamboat with OG. The days supper at Ah Fang. Now that I am staying outside of school, I have something to say. People who are still staying in hall, do cherish the moment where you feel yourself super safe while walking on the road during midnight. NTU is seriously such a beautiful and safe place that I cannot emphasis enough. ♥

Bid adieu, uni life.


Love you, NTU! ♥
looking forward to convo before calling myself a young working adult!

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